Please do not take the plastic off your replica watch when you received it. Check the quality and try it on first. Make sure everything is fine. If there is any problem, please contact us. 
Q: Are you a scammer ? ( This is real question, no joke, there are many people ask me this question on live chat or email)
You are asking the wrong person ! If you suspecting a thief, and ask "are you thief?", what do you think the answer? The best thing you can do is start making judgment from many aspects of the website, the profile, the updates, testimony, forum, people, or just risk yourself for a try. There are some points you should noticed weather the seller real or not.
Q : I want flawless replica !
We suggest you go and get genuine watches. There is no way high-end replica from any factories are flawless. Start making price comparison between genuine and replica. Let say, you want Audemars Piguet 15400 rose gold, price on genuine watches is around $22,000 while on high-end replica around $600. Will you expect flawless? There are always be a flaws eventhough only a very small. But this grade is very close to genuine probably 95%-98%.
Q : The live chat feature is very nice, but sometimes i got no response. And sometimes late reply on email i sent.
Remember, we are in different side of the world sometimes. Your day time is our night time. The best time to contact us on live chat is our day time (GMT+8 Hong Kong time) . Our working hours is based on Asian time. Sometimes we have overload email or chat to respond as well, just put kind patient, or you can send us an email or whatsapp, you will get reply from us later.
Q, What Payment methods do you accept?

We can accept Visa/Master card, W-estern U-nion, M-oney G-ram and B-ank W-ire.

For Visa/Master card payment, We will send you payment link by email soon we received your order. 

For  W-estern U-nion, M-oney G-ram and B-ank W-ire we will send you payment instruction soon received your order. 

Q : I Want to pay with Visa/Mastercard or Paypal, but the page is not directed to Visa/Mastercard or PayPal page, why?

I believe you are aware that you are in Replica world. There is no way Paypal can integrate their payment page on replica website. Neither do Visa/Mastercard. They will never do it directly. If you want to pay us with Visa/Mastercard, a payment link will be sent to you shortly soon when we received your order, please pay from there. 

Q : Is the Payment secured here?

There are so many replica seller / websites around the globe. If We say "Yes, it is secured" you will not going to believe me anyway. So, you better make a fair judgement from every aspects of us, try to communicate with us, find more about us. Our website is using SSL Certificate, so you can judge on this.

Q : Can I pay you on arrival (COD)?

I wish we could do international Cash On Delivery, however there is NO SUCH WAY in the world. So, NO. NO COD. 

Q: How long it takes for you to handle my order after payment ? Can you ship it right away?

We will need 2-3 business days to handle your order. Sometimes we have overload orders, and we need to do proper Quality Control process for each order. It will takes some time, because not every watches are in a perfect condition. Sometimes we need to return to the factory to replace with a good one. Be patient, and keep in touch. If you are really rushing, I can't process your order.

Q : Will I get the pictures and video before shipping?

Yes, we will send you pictures and video of your real product that we going to deliver to you. We will not deliver your order before 

Q : What will you declare the package ? 

We always declare as "Bracelet Gift", or 'Fashion Bracelet'. If you want us to declare any value (usually for experienced customers) just let us know. But if you don't have experience, let us decide based on our experiences, usually we declare between $15 - $50.

Q : Do you provide tracking number ?

Yes 100%.  And when gou received the tracking number, sometimes it hasn't showed up any status on the tracker yet, it will need 1-2 days especially when we submit your package on weekend.

Q : I track my order and seems there is no movement / strange status / clearance even etc. What should I do?

DO NOT CALL DHL, EMS or any logistic company related to your shipment for any reasons. Contact us, communicate and just relax. Keep in mind, sometimes we use regular postal office to make it safe, and mostly they are very slow. Do not panic, relax, and call us for any matters. 

Q : My package has arrives in my country, but they want me to proofs the price, what should I do ? (Only happen in some country)
Simply contact us for this matter, usually they need a price and payment proofs. We will provide invoice of your package with any particular match amount with your package declaration. Do not panic.

Q, Which countries do you ship to? 

We ship replica watches to USA/ UK / Canada / Australia / Belgium / Chile / Czech Republic / England / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Holland / Netherlands / Hungary / Ireland / Israel / Italy / Japan / New Zealand / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Qatar / Saudi Arabia / Singapore  / Sweden  / Switzerland  / Thailand / Turkey  / United Arab Emirates UAE and worldwide. For more information, please check shipping & delivery

Q, What is the warranty of the replica watches

All the watches we sell have 1 year free warranty and life time repair service. If there is any problem with it, please feel free to contact us anytime. All Montblanc pens have 6 months free warranty. 

Q, Can I return the merchandise if I do not like it?

 If you are not satisfied with your merchandise, you can contact us for return within 24 hours from the date of signature by email or live chat. The item must be returned in brand new and unused condition, including all parts and accessories and in its original packaging suppliers. Return shipping cost will be paid by the customer. You will receive a full refund after we credited item back. (If you received defective merchandise, return shipping fee will be covered by us. Please feel free to contact us. )

Q, Can I exchange to different product if I do not like the product I ordered? 

Yes, you can. As long as the product you received is in brand new condition in plastic. You can return for exchange. Both way shipping fee will be paid by customer. 

What if the shipment is lost or missing in the customs?

Q, How can I make a return for a refund or exchange?

Please contact our customer service via the contact us form about return for refund or exchange. We will send you a return address. 

Q, What if I’m not satisfied?

Please contact our customer service via the contact us form about unsatisfied new product. 

Q, Can you ship to a P.O Box?

Yes, we can ship to BOX Box and APO address. 

Q, How do you ship my order?

We are experienced ship replica packages to worldwide, we will pick up the best way for you. Some country is good with EMS shipping, some is good with DHL and some countries only good with Airmail shipping.  For more information, please read shipping & delivery 

Q, How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Airmail shipping takes about 3-4 weeks to delivery, E-Package packages take about 2-3 weeks, EMS packages take about 7-10 days, DHL shipping is about 5-7 days. Greece, Mexico countries takes a little longer than standard. 

Q, Is your watches waterproof? 

All our replica watches are water resistant but not waterproof.We do not recommend swimming with them or taking shower with them. Taking the watches underwater will revoke their guarantee.


     Washing Hand      Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Raining     Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Bathing       No No Not Recomend Not Recomend
   Swimming      No No Not Recomend Not Recomend
Diving No No No Not Recomend


Q, Why my Credit Card is Charged the Wrong Amount? 

Due to this is an international transaction, we will receive the money in CNY. the exchange rate is floated between your bank, third part bank and our bank, every bank makes some money (about 2%), therefore the total amount will be a little different than your order invoice. We will send you a payment invoice about 5% lower, after all the fees, your total amount will be close to the amount as your invoice, but not exact the same. Please note. 

Q, What is 21600bph and 28800 bph?

Do you know what is VPH or BPH?
VPH (Vibrations per hour)  and BPH (Beats per hour) is the same thing. VPH(Vibrations per hour) is a common notation for movements in watches today and can greatly help in deciding on the quality of a timepiece. I would share it with my fellows. Basically it breaks down to how many times a watch will tick in an hour, if you hold your mechanical watch to your ear and listen you should hear a rapid “tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick”, each of these ticks are what counts toward the VPH when calculating the frequency of the watch.
18,000 VPH or 2Hz (Classic manual wind movements)
19,800 VPH or 2.5Hz (Cheaper Chinese movements)
21,600 VPH or 3Hz (Lower frequency for automatics or manual wind)  – Most of the Japan Grade watches are 21600bph
28,800 VPH or 4Hz (Most common automatic movement, can also be speed of a manual-wind) – The best replica watch use Swiss ETA movement which is 28800bph. Original Tudor watches are 28800 bph.
36,000 VPH or 5Hz (Advanced movement, El Primero Zenith – in some Rolexes and TAG Heuers) – Not available in replica
43,200 VPH or 6Hz (Advanced movement, Audemars Piguet ChronoAP)  – Not available in replica
72,000 VPH or 10Hz (Advanced Automatic Movement Rate “Breguet Type XXII”)   – Not available in replica.

Do you know how does Rolex Glidelock Submariner buckle works? 

Do you know what is VPH or BPH? 21600bph and 28800bph?

Do you know what the difference between Japan Movement and Swiss Movement?

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