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Jan 17th, 2018

Chinese New Year Holidays Notice:
replica watches factories, watch market and shipping company will be closed during the Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday from Feb 10  to Feb 28, 2018 (HKT) Delivery services are expected to be resumed around March 3rd, 2018.

** Dates may vary by category. Different factory resume different dates, we will update the resume date soon when receive notification from factory. 

Online ordering will not be affected during the holiday. We still take orders and answer your emails.

  • Products ordered on or before our deadline will be delivery as normal time period
  • Products ordered after the deadline, the estimated delivery will be around Feb 28th.  (different category may vary, watches under 'Sale Items' on Feb 28th. Other Category March 3rd - 5th)
  • Our customer service & support will be always available during the holiday. 
  • Delivery services are expected to be resumed around Feb 28, 2018 - March 5th
  • We are sorry for any delay in delivery. 

Jan 16th, 2018

Dear All,

Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) is approaching and there will be a vacation lasting 20 days. There are a number of replica watch in stock which will be occupated of funds. Consequently, We desire to empty the stock. Hence, we currently present a favourable discount to you. Check out our Sale Items for closeout price. 

1,When Is Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese New Year 2018 will take place on Friday February 16 this year. On average, suppliers & Factories take 2-3 week off (Feb 10th - Feb 27th) to spend time with their family and friends. This is comparable to people taking extra time off during the holiday season (Christmas and New Years) in North America.

Just as you might have a couple of weeks off work during the holidays, some suppliers might choose to extend their holiday a week earlier or later.  There is no shipment will be made from around Feb 8th - Feb 27th. 

2, Prepare Your Order 10 - 12 Days before Chinese New Year (CNY)

The producing time of your order is usually 3-5 days, you'd better place your order 10-12 days earlier before CNY. Because all the factories will be closed around 10 days before CNY, much earlier than statutory holiday date. The main reason is all the worker hope to go back to their hometown for celebrating the biggest festival of the year.

For example, statutory holiday of 2018s CNY is from Feb. 14th to 21st, 2018, but most factories will be closed in Febuary 5th. 2018, some even earlier at the end of Jan because of poor business.

Another situation is that some factories are super busy in the last month before CNY. Because they have lots of customers, and all of them want products shipped out before CNY holiday. So in this case, you may have to prepare your order 10-15 days in advance.

To make sure to receive your package on time for Valentine's Day, order now

3. Watch out the Latest Time for Shipping Your order

Japan Grade watches & Accessories can be shipped in 2-5 days.

Swiss Grade watches takes longer to process now due to Swiss watches are hand made to order, it takes time to complete your order. For Swiss Orders, be sure to order before Jan 25th. 

4, Should Prepare Next Order before CNY or After?

We suggest you to place your order before CNY holiday. The reason is that the price will be increased after holiday; but if you place your order in advance, the price will maintain the same, also will arrange your order in the first time when we back to work after holiday.

5. What You Can Do During CNY Holiday?

During this period, you can always contact us during the holiday, by email or by whatsapp. We will get back to you as soon as possible (We will only be front of computer once a day during our holiday). Please wait patiently for our reply. 

6. When Will Everyone Go Back to Work after CNY?

 Although CNY's statutory holiday is only 8 days, as I mentioned before, most trading companies and shipping forwarders wont back to work until 5-7 days after the holiday. This is due to factorys late reopen date, trading companies cannot arrange the production if their factory suppliers are still on holiday. 

Most Chinese factories will be back to work 5- 10 days after statutory holiday. Because most of the worker are from another cities, some even very far from where they works. So they are not willing to back to the factory too early.Another situation is that some workers are not coming back to factory after holiday, so the factory has to recruit new staffs after holiday. So everyone will go back to work 5-10 days after CNYs statutory holiday, and everything will be normal at that time. 
We will ship our orders out from old to new, so the earlier you order, the quicker we will ship out for you soon when we back to work. 
7. Price Changes Is Normal after CNY

You may find some of the price of your product is higher than before after CNY holiday, its quite normal.

The increase of the price may due to the increased production cost, like labor and material cost. Even this increase happens before the holiday, but factories would like to change the price after CNY. Because Chinese people usually take CNY as a brand new start.

Jan 2nd, 2018

Shipping is very slow recently due to peak shopping season for Christmas and New Year. The packages we shipped from December to Febuary takes 2 times longer to delivery, please wait patiently to receive your package. (We guarantee delivery, please feel free to contact us to check your order status and shipping status)

Jan 1st 2018

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